Also, I am not only a father and stepfather, I am also a grandfather three times over and a step-grandfather three times over.

Go look at my shit to see what grandfather rock is, if you want.

they say an old cat never forgets how to lap up water

customers who bought capitalism also bought customers who bought


Subtitles were too small

The English subtitles were way too small.  I had to get up from my futon or desk and stand right in front of the TV to see them.  Ten years ago, my TV screen was  considered “big” but I guess not anymore.

In my opinion, it is the height of cinematic arrogance to have all these subtitles in such tiny letters.  What would you lose by making them bigger?  Or at least make it an option on the DVD.  It ruined the whole movie for me.  That and the dancing at the end.

hamlet is ambidextrous

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